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Supreme Court ruling won’t stop Rick Santorum’s fight against same-sex marriage

On Monday, June 1st, 2015

rick-santorum-16x9Supporters and opponents of same-sex marriage will be eagerly awaiting the final decision on the issue when the Supreme Court makes its ruling sometime in June. One opponent, former senator Rick Santorum, expects to continue the fight against same-sex marriage if the high court does indeed overturn state bans.

Appearing on NBC News “Meet the Press” on Sunday, the 2016 Republican presidential hopeful and adamant anti-gay marriage advocate said he would not accept the ruling and stated that Congress and the president sometimes had the authority to “push” back whenever the Supreme Court “gets it wrong.”

“It’s important to understand the Supreme Court does not have the final word,” Santorum told host Chuck Todd. “If the court decides this case in error, I will continue to fight for this as I have for life…We’re not bound by what nine people say in perpetuity.”

While many opponents of same-sex marriage have turned to high court to make a final ruling of the issue once and for all, it doesn’t sound like Rick Santorum or other opponents like Mike Huckabee are willing to concede to defeat. Huckabee made a statement last week urging states to disregard a potential ruling from Obergefell v. Hodges that would “overrule the other two branches of government.”

See Rick Santorum’s interview below, via NBC News:

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