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Poetry: ‘Survivor’ by Yvette Mozayik

On Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

you are a survivor girl stand up and be strong
you’ve made it through hard times
made it through storms
girl you’re a survivor stand up and be strong
you’ve seen hard times, been through bad marriages
the let downs of dreams, been through it all girl
but you’re still here
so it seems you can’t make it, seems you can’t see your way
but you’ve made it this far girlfriend
you survived through it all till this day
go ahead on and be strong
you’re a survivor because
you’ve hung in there this long
gone girl with your bad self
you know what you can do
just try it
just believe in your self
don’t wait for somebody to tell you that you can make it through
you know what you gotta do girl
reach deep down inside yourself and
pull out what has been there for so long
and stand up and be strong
girl whatever it took to make it through that bad marriage
to a drug addicted husband
whatever it took to be married to a wife beater
whatever it took to be abused and misused, rejected
neglected and put down lied to and talked about
you made it through
you held your head up high and you kept on going
girl you can do it
all you gotta do is standup and be strong
you are a survivor girl go ahead on


Yvette Mozayik

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