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Man labeled for being gay with ‘chronic condition’ by doctor

On Saturday, August 10th, 2013

Mathew MooreA California doctor ordered a complete physical for her new patient, Matthew Moore. As Moore reviewed his treatment plan via the medical documents provided to him, he noticed something odd. His new doctor listed a chronic condition as “homosexual behavior” with the reference code 320.0, reported by NBC4 on Aug. 8.

This specific medical code referred to homosexuality as a mental illness forty years ago.

Moore is openly gay and not offended by his sexual orientation but does take issue with his ‘behavior’ being labeled as a “chronic condition.” Moore identifies himself as a homosexual male with gay behavior not being a mental illness.  READ MORE Examiner.com

About - Fran Childress, MSW, has experienced multiple paths in the behavioral field. A former child and gerontology therapist, she has experience and knowledge of child difficulties, relationship issues, and senior barriers. She believes a positive change must start from within a person before a macro societal change can occur. Contact Ms. Childress at childress.fran@yahoo.com. Subcribe to Fran at Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/intrapersonal-selfawareness-in-national/frances-childress

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