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LGBT comedy ‘Saugatuck Cures’ featuring ‘Glee’ star Max Adler released on DVD June 30

On Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

youtubechannelartDescribed by EDGE magazine as “dynamic” and “whole-hearted,” Breaking Glass Pictures has announced that it is releasing the LGBT comedy “Saugatuck Cures” on DVD and VOD June 30. The family-friendly comedy stars Max Adler, known to “Glee” fans as closed football player Dave Karofsky, Judith Chapman and Danny Mooney.

In the light-hearted film, Adler plays Drew, the gay son of Maggie Callaghan (Chapman). Maggie is dealing with a second round of cancer and when she can’t afford treatment, Drew becomes determined to raise money for his mother. As Drew tries to figure out just how to raise the money, his straight best friend played by Mooney, convinces him to pose as ex-gay ministers to raise money by “converting” homosexuals into heterosexuals.

The two set course on a crazy adventure filled with trouble with law enforcements, family conflicts and not knowing how much time they will have to raise the money for Drew’s ailing mom. “Saugatuck Cures” will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Instant, Google Play, and Vudu.

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