"Nurse-Ins" Held Over Airline's Treatment Of Breast Feeding MotherA french woman has posted an offer on a French website offering to breast feed adopted babies of gay male couples. According to a report by Reuters on August 6, the woman is offering her breast-feeding services for 100 euros ($130) per day.

The offer comes just weeks after the country legalized same-sex marriage which has drawn attention from the media. On the website, the woman says she is healthy and a nurse who lives near Paris. Her post on the e-loue website reads:

“I am a young mother in perfect health, a trained nurse of 29, and I am renting my breasts to milk-feed infants.”

The proposal has stirred controversy in France because according Alexandre Woog, chief executive of the e-loue website, it is illegal in France to sell maternal milk. But does the law against selling milk extend to someone selling a service and not milk out of a container?

Although the country has legalized same-sex marriage and adoption, surrogacy or assisted reproduction for same-sex couples is still illegal. Breast-feeding may fall in that category.

As far as the offer goes, the poster told Reuters that she has received more than a dozen requests, but only half were serious. She also admits the other half of the requests being from perverts.