howwefamilyTylenol is the latest company to show their support for the “modern family” as part of a new #HowWeFamily campaign.

The timely 30-second commercial directed by Dustin Lance Black starts off by asking viewers the question “When were you first considered a family?” It then shows images of traditional families made up of heterosexual couples.

The Johnson & Johnson ad then asks the follow up question, “When did you first fight to be considered a family?” Then the images appear of a lesbian couple, an interracial couple with kids and then a couple with adopted kids represented different family and then ends with an image of two gay men showing love to a baby.

To answer the two questions the commercial starts off with, the voiceover says, “Family isn’t defined by who you love, but how.” In all, the commercial sends an important message of how families have changed and exposes inclusion, the importance of support and the value of love. Most importantly, there is a new symbolism transformed through a modern formula of what now defines “family.”