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Watch: Georgia to launch state’s first ever TV ad promoting marriage equality

On Sunday, May 31st, 2015


To coincide with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the issue of same-sex marriage expected sometime in the month of June, Georgia Equality will launch Georgia’s first ever television commercial promoting same-sex marriage.

According to the Atlanta Constitution Journal, will launch on Monday (June 1) and features mostly GeorgiaAfrican-American gay families and also includes photos of prominent civil rights leaders such as Joseph Lowery and U.S. Rep. John Lewis. These images are important because there is a large opposition to same-sex marriage in the African-American communities. Featuring civil rights leaders like Lewis also promotes equal rights for all.

In a statement released by Georgia Equality, executive director Jeff Graham said the ads will be aired in markets that have large LGBT communities first until the organization can raise more money to buy spots in other markets. Graham said:

“We’ve chosen to run the ads initially in the Augusta and Savannah markets because there are large LGBT communities in both of those areas, yet this is an issue that has not had the same level of public interest and discourse as we’ve experienced in the metro Atlanta area. …

“Not only is this the first commercial that I’m aware of to air in Georgia on the topic of marriage equality. It’s also the first time our organization has bought commercial time in any television market and is probably the first time any LGBT organization has done anything more than an in-kind PSA here in Georgia.”

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