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Ugandan film ‘Outed: The Painful Reality’ heads to U.S. for screening

On Thursday, June 4th, 2015

The harsh reality of life for LGBT citizens in Uganda is captured in a film directed Ugandan directorouted-poster Hassan Kamoga. The film titled “Outed: The Painful Reality” will make its way to the United States as it has been selected for the 2015 qFlix film and video festival in Philadelphia.

“Outed,”which premiered in Uganda in February, is a drama about LGBT people who are killed in the country after they were identified as being gay by newspapers. One of those killed was gay rights activist David Kato in 20ll. It is a practice still continued in the country today as Uganda continues to come under criticism globally for their harsh treatment of the LGBT community. Kamoga hopes the film brings a continued awareness to just how extreme things are in his country.

“We hope this will generate some fresh intellectual debate about the general status of gay people in Uganda, particularly about the role of media in escalating their plight,” Kamoga said in an interview via 76crimes.com.




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