oprah-ownOver the last few years, a slew of Hollywood celebrities have come out of the closet and revealed their sexuality. Sharing their stories and exposing their lives have been influential and important because they have inspired others in similar situations not to be afraid to be who they are. An October 3 press release reports that The Oprah Winfrey Network will feature some of these celebrities in in-depth conversations with Oprah about being gay in American.

“Oprah’s Next Chapter – Gay In Hollywood” will feature celebrities like comedienne Wanda Sykes, “Modern Family” star Jesse Tyler Ferguson and “Scandal” star Dan Bucatinsky as they talk about growing up and realizing their sexuality and the process of coming out as gay while being in the spotlight of Hollywood.

Both Sykes and Ferguson have been very vocal about gay marriage equality and issues surrounding the gay community. They will discuss their influences and how they paved the way for some of the recent celebrities who have come out like Wentworth Miller and Raven Symone.

Each celebrity will also discuss the impact coming out as gay has had on their career and also how being openly out as gay has impacted their lives overall.

The program will be apart of a special night of programming about being gay in America on the Own Network and is set to air Sunday, October 27.