Life is difficult for homosexuals living in Caribbean country of Jamaica. As reported by TrustLaw on Wednesday, a new film documents the deep roots of homophobia and the harsh violence against gay people in Jamaica. “Taboo Yardies”, a film by Selena Blake will open eyes and take viewers inside the reality of the harsh surroundings for open gay, lesbian and bisexual citizens of Jamaica.

Although there has been some progress, homophobia and anti-gay crimes are still a major issue in a country where more than 80 percent of people surveyed feel homosexuality and bisexuality are immoral and has strong views against same-sex marriage. It is a dangerous place for someone who is gay as Blake explained at the LGBT Film Festival.

“Sometimes you hear something, and you don’t want to believe it. You think (people) are just exaggerating, but they’re not.”

One of the most shocking moments in the film is when a Jamaican man says “I’d murder my own son” to the camera. That is how deep the homophobia is in the country. Many in the LGBT communities of Jamaica will not have the support of their family but Blake hopes Jamaicans “will come around” eventually.

That is the overall hope and purpose of a film like “Taboo Yardies”. Sometimes seeing the extreme nature of a situation can open eyes to change and eventual acceptance