Jennifer NettlesSugarland’s Jennifer Nettles has had gay rumors swirling around her for a few years. Many of those rumors were due to stereotypes in her look and also perpetuations from lyrics in a few of her hit songs. As E! Online reported on Feb. 19, the country singer recently opened up about the rumors.

In an interview with Between the Lines, the 39-year-old said that her similar style to musical icons such as Ani DiFranco and Indigo Girls have led to assumptions about her sexuality as well as the strong lesbian following she has.

“I think a lot of people assumed, too. Whenever they head a woman with an alto voice playing an acoustic instrument stylistically reminiscent of those wonderful icons you counted, Ani DiFranco and Indigo Girls – and especially with the audience I had in my 20s – I think a lot of people just assumed [that I was lesbian].”

Nettles said the rumors don’t bother her, as she is content with who she is. Despite being married to Justin Miller and giving birth to their first child in 2012, rumors continued to swirl. From suggestive lyrics in her songs to a previous haircut that only added to the speculation, the country singer says she can’t help what people assume about her.

Jennifer Nettles put the gay rumors to rest with three simple words.

“I don’t care.”