Mala-Mala_web_2The transgender documentary “Mala Mala” has been picked up by Strand Releasing according to Variety on Friday (June 5.) The distrubution company bought the North American rights to the documentary, produced by Antonio Santini and Dan Sickle, following the film’s world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in April.

With transgender issues at the forefront of discussion in today’s society, the film’s purchase is very timely. The documentary was shot over a three-year period and explores the transgender and drag communities in Puerto Rico. The film also features LGBT activists, business owners and sex workers in following the group of drag performers known as the Doll House.

“Mala Mala” is just the latest LGBT film bought by Strand Releasing. Other films include James Franco’s “Interior. Leather Bar,” Daniel Ribeiro’s “The Way He Looks,” and Gregg Araki’s “Myseterious Skin.”