Amy PascalHollywood has an influence and an impact on public perception, especially when it comes to sexual orientation and the stereotypes that surround.  That is why television shows like “The New Normal” and “Glee” are important because they help shape those negative stereotypes and perception into an exposure of the real struggles and definitions of the LGBT community.  Sony Pictures co-chairman Amy Pascal wants more and as reported by The Hollywood Reporter on Friday, she has encouraged Hollywood to do away with gay slurs and offensive stereotypes.

The remarks were made on Thursday at a fundraiser for the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center held at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in which Pascal spoke about the ways in which Hollywood plays a role in shaping public perception on many groups, but particularity when it comes to sexuality when it comes to the use of offensive language which may perpetuate viewers  into negative and offensive stereotyping.  Pascal feels words are powerful and Hollywood can help shift attitudes. READ MORE @