Madonna_LadyGagaPop icons Madonna and Lady Gaga are also gay icons. Both divas have no problem speaking their mind and both certainly don’t hold back when it comes to expression. But both may have overlooked obtaining the proper documents when each toured in Russia. As reported by The Guardian on August 2, Both Gaga and Madonna entered the country under incorrect paperwork during concert tours.

Both women held concerts in St. Petersburg during 2012 and neither woman was silent about their support for LGBT issues and their opposition against the “gay propaganda” law. Both faced legal implications for their actions and outspokenness but the prosecution at the time was unsuccessful so now the two stars are facing charges possibly by Russia’s foreign ministry or federal migration services.

According to authorities the visas obtained by both Lady Gaga and Madonna weren’t appropriate. The cultural-exchange visas they travelled under “do not grant their bearers the right to engage in any commercial activity.”

The mistakes in the visas were highlighted by Vitaly Milonov, a lawmaker in St. Petersburg who was very outspoken about both stars promotion of gay “propaganda” during performances. Milonov is not a bit fan of either woman and one has to wonder if these current charges has anything to do with his unsuccessful attempt to prosecute them for violating the gay “propaganda” rules.