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Ricky Martin opens up about fatherhood and dating as a single dad

On Friday, May 29th, 2015


Latin pop singer Ricky Martin has put his search for a relationship on hold so he can focus on raising his two twin boys.  In a recent interview with The Sun, the 43-year-old singer opened up about being a single dad and how he has had to put his dating life on the back burner.

Just last year, the “La Vida Loca” singer ended a five-year relationship with stockbroker Carlos Gonzalez.  It was during that period that Martin became the father of twin boys, Valentino and Matteo, by surrogate in 2008.

Now that both boys are six years old, Martin said in the interview that they are the only men who have his attention.   He admitted in the interview that the first year of being a single father was a difficult, but rewarding one.

“I had bags down to my knees but it was the most beautiful year of my life.”

Martin went on to detail how his boys always come first.  They travel with him everywhere he goes and involves them in all aspects of his life, a decision that he describes as “flowing beautifully.”

As far as relationships go, Martin is content with being single because he meets some very attractive men.  He also opened up about being content with Gonzalez and how the two have worked out their differences so that boys still have two dads involved in their lives. Martin, who has also been open about his sexuality to his sons, also said in the interview that he does want a bigger family because “children are just amazing.”

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