Gabriel GomezGOProud, a national conservative group founded as a coalition of gay and lesbian conservatives and their allies, has a new member in Republican Gabriel E. Gomez who will be joining the board of directors of the organization. As reports on July 30, Gomez is honored to be a part of GoProud.

Gomez, in a statement released by GOProud, is eager to promote the organization’s message and to further expand his views against any form of discrimination.

“I often said during my campaign that I did not support any type of discrimination and groups like GOProud are important…as we expand the conservative movement.”

Just last month, Gomez lost a special Massachusetts US Senate election to Democrat Ed Markey. Voters believed that Gomez lacked experience and swayed in the direction of someone who “can work with senators from both parties to solve problems.”

In joining GOProud, Gomez will have an advocate when he next plans to run for office. Ross Hemminger, a spokesman for GOProud said that the organization has spent money advocating for candidates in past elections. He said the organization also has a commitment to candidates who believe gay candidates should have a voice in the Republican Party.

Gomez wants to prove that he is a candidate worthy of the endorsement. Joining GOProud may also expand his visibility to conservative, socially moderate voters and at the same time build himself up as a gay rights advocate as he expands his anti-discrimination views.