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Reflections of Life: Enter the Unknown by Jim Koury

On Thursday, December 31st, 2015

JimKouryAs children we were not concerned with the trials and tribulations of adulthood. We were in a state of innocence – a period of our lives not contaminated by someone else’s knowledge and their worldview. Everyone around us was equal. We did not see sexual, racial and religious inequity. All we saw were other children like us despite some not being quite the same as we were.

As a child we very rarely were inhibited to enter into the unknown without fear. It was guided by curiosity and our desire to explore things outside our worldview. We had not yet fallen victim to someone else’s dictate that “you can’t do that.” The unknown intrigued us and repelled us away from those that said we could not do something.

Somewhere along the spectrum of life we begin to retain knowledge given to us by others. We increasingly become beholden to what others think, and stop thinking for ourselves. We may think we have our own perspective but in reality many times it is the perspective of others that we harbor within us. Our innate sense of wandering into the unknown becomes regulated and many times disappears into the abyss within ourselves. We become followers of others instead of the wanderers we were born as.

Many unfortunately do not leave this comfortable state of existence and a life of following others. Individuality is subjugated to second class status behind what someone else thinks of us. We become more and more influenced by what we may have been taught by our families, friends and others – subconsciously accepting it as truth.

As we gain more and more knowledge, we begin a quest for answers to questions about ourselves and how we fit in. Sought out are others that we think can help us in our quest for individual truth. Alas, disappointingly, influences of others simply perpetuate our subservience from which we wish to escape. We more deeply bury our individuality inside the dark unknown within ourselves.

At various stages of our life our worldviews are impacted by others that are seeking the same truth. Association with like minded people can spark the fire within us and ignite once again our passionate innate desire to journey forward without reservation into spheres of thought different from our own. Our well trodden existence becomes boring and we begin to stagnate.

Many are content to mire themselves in the stench of negativity that is born of stagnation of our minds and spirit. Others rekindle their internal fires and renew their inner wanderlust due to something they heard, someone they saw or a book they read. They begin to break free from false perceptions and discover the internal essence that has been lying dormant inside us all.

Break free from your false truth! Rediscover what was buried deep inside. Venture into the unknown reaches of your minds and discover what it is that you sought after for so many years outside of yourselves. The answers lay in a time before knowledge and we must return to that time as adults to find the truths of who we are and what our life’s purpose truly is.

About - Jim Koury is a seeker of inspirational forces. His spiritual journey of self-discovery has revealed many secrets hidden within him related to the very essence of who he is. He embraces opportunities that enable him to learn about his higher self and the inspirational forces that prod him forward to new plateaus of enlightenment and self-revelation. He is also the Editor/Publisher of Diversity Rules Magazine, an alternative focus publication primarily dealing with the gay community’s concerns and issues, along with issues of diversity generally. He is an activist who is not afraid to ruffle some feathers. His main objective is to get people to think and think for themselves and does not force his views on others but just puts them out there for folks to think about and discard if they wish.

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