Please Like Me“Please Like Me”, a new Australian comedy series starring comedian Josh Thomas is set to premiere in the U.S on August . The show is the latest to be aired on Pivot TV, a new television network created by Participant Media. As reported by the Huffington Post on July 24, the show will explore the awkwardness and also the celebration of establishing identity.

 The show, which was also created by Thomas, draws from his own real life experiences. The main character is a twenty-something year-old who is dumped by his girlfriend and then comes to the realization that he may be gay. With a mix of comedy and experiences many young gay adults can relate to, the show celebrates the journey of becoming when dealing with one’s sexuality.

“Please Like Me” also explores deep issues like family relations, mental health, depression, suicide and sexuality. The show can be seen exclusively on Pivot TV and will air in a marathon block of all six full episodes.