bobharperPersonal trainer Bob Harper was the biggest winner on the November 26 episode of “The Biggest Loser“. As encouragement is a big part of the NBC reality weight loss competition show. As US Weekly reports on November 27, Harper came out as gay on the episode to help contestant Bobby Saleem deal with his own sexuality and his struggles to come out to his father.

Saleem came out as gay on the show and not only has he battled to lose weight physically, part of that weight has been mentally. The 48-year-old Harper felt that sharing his own journey with Saleem was something he needed to do to give support and show Saleem that he is definitely not alone.

“I haven’t talked about my sexuality on this show ever,” Harper said in a confessional. “And now, meeting Bobby, I really do believe this is the right time. I want to show Bobby that he doesn’t have to live in shame.”

This is the reason many celebrities or people in the spotlight publicly come out. It shows those who struggle with who they are that loneliness and fear doesn’t have to have to hold them hostage forever.

On camera, Bob Harper sat down with Saleem and for the first time, publicly said “I’m gay.”

“When I came out — when I was 17 years old — it was one of those things where I realized that there was going to be so many obstacles,” said Harper. “But being gay doesn’t mean being weak. And being gay doesn’t mean that you are less than anybody else. It’s just who you are.”

The emotional and inspirational moment drew support from any of Harper’s followers on Twitter. Saleem thanked him describing his words and emotional support as something that “have changed the path” of his life.