Diving - 15th FINA World Championships: Day NineRumors have swirled about Tom Daley’s sexuality, but the diving star has always denied the rumors until now. As the Belfast Telegraph reports on December 2, the Olympic medalist has revealed his gay relationship and is very happy with the guy he is seeing.

The 19-year-old made the revelation on a YouTube video he posted explaining how his life has changed and his readiness to talk about the relationship that has filled his heart with happiness.

He says in the video:

“Come spring this year, my life changed massively when I met someone and it made me feels so happy, so safe and everything just feels great. And that someone is a guy.”

It may not be a surprise that Daley is gay to those who have done the speculating, but it was surprise to Daley who also admits in the video that there has always been a sort of curiosity in the back of his head. It just took finding the right person for that curiosity to be explored.

“It was always in the back of my head that something like that could happen, but it wasn’t until spring this year that something just clicked. It felt right. My whole world just changed, right there and then.”

Daley may be more bisexual as he states he “still fancy girls”, but at the moment it is a guy that is occupying his heart, something he was open enough to explore.

The 2016 Olympic gold medal hopeful attributed his decision to reveal details about his relationship to honesty. He was frustrated about being misquoted in an interview and wanted to clear things up.

“Emotions I’ve never felt before when reading something about myself. Honesty is something I really believe in and I’ve always been honest. I may have been vague in some of the answers but I’ve always been honest.”

That honesty has now ended the rumors about his sexuality and may have made him more popular with all his fans.