zachary_quinto_6601Actor Zachary Quinto has made a name for himself by playing the character of Spock in “Star Trek Into Darkness” and also appearing in the TV series “American Horror Story” as well as many other roles in both TV and film. As reported by on Saturday, the actor believes more work has opened up for him since he revealed he was gay.

While some people who are in the public spotlight may shy away from revealing their sexuality in fear that it would hurt their career, Quinto is glad he opened up because of the positive impact it has had on his career and the positive influence he now has on young fans or other actors in a similar situation.

In an interview with Jonathan Ross that is set to air on Sunday night, Quinto says that he hasn’t stopped working and has actually worked more since coming out. He attributes his courage to come out to a string of teenage suicides. It came to a point where he felt he could help young people by being open with who he is.

“I just felt like it was a convergence for me where I was in a position, and am in a postion, for young people to look at the experience that I’ve had, to look at the opportunities that have been presented to me and to recognize in themselves that there is no limitation and that we live in a time where the tide is changing.”

Quinto, now 35, came out as gay in 20ll, says even with all the work offered, he would turn down a role if anyone had an issue with his sexuality.

“If people don’t want to work with me because of my sexual orientation, then I have no interest in working with them to begin with.”

In addition to his current film “Star Trek Into Darkness”, Quinto is also working on a film called “The Invitation”.