Out in the dark3Director Michael Mayer is exploring love, homosexuality and Israeli police corruption in his first feature-length film “Out in the Dark”. The film is about two men from two of the most opposed countries in the world who have a romantic and sexual relationship. Not only must they fight against a homophobic society they also have to fight against their different faiths and the conflict of Israeli-Palestinian relations. Mayer’s talked about the film in an interview with Vice.com published on July 22.

In the movie, a Palestinian student named Nimer and Israeli lawyer lover, Roy are two forces brought together in a world fueled with political angst. Through the eyes of Nimer, the film examines life as a gay Palestinian. Mayer says his inspiration for the film came from a friend who was volunteering at the gay and lesbian center in Tel Aviv and offered support to Palestinians who were hiding illegally.

Though there is not much of a gay scene in Palestine, underground Palestinian gay night in Tel Aviv are popular now and the film exposes that world, but it also exposes the power of relationships that goes beyond the realm of physical attractiveness and sex. It explores the deepness of a bond between two individuals who are together despite the conflict of their two worlds.

When asked about commonality of inter-faith gay romance between Israelis and Palestinians, Mayer told Vice:

“In 2006, a BBC radio show estimated that there were 350,000 gay Palestinians hiding out in Israel, mostly single, but these things do happen. Obviously things have changed-the openness and attitude has really improved over the last decade. I think wherever you go, the gay community tends to be more accepting of differences, whether inter-faith or interracial.”

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