South AfricaAfter a young, gay South African man, Lunga Voko, was violently beaten because he was way, the South African government announced on Saturday that all forms of violence against homosexuals will condemned according to News24 out of South Africa.

The 23-year old Voko was attacked and left unconscious in a Cape Town township just because he was gay. The group of men, who allegedly used an iron rod to beat Voko, were angry when they found out he was gay after checking his penis to verify if he had been circumcised. One person in the group even fired a gun at Voko while he was down tearing a piece of his right ear.

Acting Cabinet spokesperson Phumla Williams spoke out against the violent act and the actions that will be taken by the government.

“Government condemns in the strongest terms possible and reiterates its commitment to fight all forms of hate crimes perpetrated against lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and inter-sex people in South Africa.”

The case is currently being investigated by the South African Police Service after the hospitalization of Voko.

The South African government has stated its commitment in protecting the LGBT community and fighting all forms of crime and violence against all citizens.