35th Annual People's Choice Awards - PortraitsCBS will be introducing a gay character this fall on one of its more popular shows. As first reported by E! News on July 10, “Two and a Half Men” will be adding a woman to the cast. Charlie Harper’s (Charlie Sheen) illegitimate daughter will be written in and have the same character traits as her deceased father. The new character of Jenny will share her father’s love for women.

Charlie’s 21-year-old daughter will be written in by moving from New York to Los Angeles and the role will be a recurring role and possibly become a regular character depending on what the character adds to the show.

With actor Angus T. Jones not returning as a regular, the character of Jenny can fill a void and also add a new dynamic to the show and also provide an LGBT presence to the network, which is last amongst the major networks, with only 8 percent of its programming featuring gay people or gay characters.

By introducing a gay character on one of its more popular shows, CBS will have an opportunity to provide a positive image of gay characters. Although there is a chance that the character can be written and seen as stereotypical, it is a risk worth taking for a network that has just taken a hit for racist and homophobic comments that aired on another of its big shows, “Big Brother”.

The character will be first introduced in the season premiere this fall. The role hasn’t been casted yet, but the new addition to “Two and a Half Men” is described as “sexy and gorgeous.”