19th Annual Out100 Awards Presented By Buick - ArrivalsThe much-anticipated HBO comedy series “Looking” is set to premiere on January 19 and the cast and crew recently gathered to talk about the series at TCA on Thursday night. According to a report by Deadline on Jan. 9, series is about gay characters but not just for gay people.

Set in San Francisco, “Looking” will touch upon more modern issues. It will explore the backgrounds of each character while not primarily focusing on their sexuality. This approach will hopefully connect audiences both straight and gay. AS EP/director Andrew Haigh quickly pointed out at TCA, “it’s not just a show for gay people.”

It’s a show about life that just happens to focus on characters that are gay. As a show that will premiere following a year that saw a decline in gay characters on TV, “Looking” will become one of the few shows that will offer exposure into the world of homosexuality and as life is reflected now that there is more acceptance out there. Creator/writer Michael Lannan says:

“It is such a different time now there are a lot of pressures that gay people have from their parents that they didn’t have before, like getting married.”

With that, the characters will connect with audiences of all background because they will deal with many of the same issues bringing forth humor as they deal with dealing with life and relationships. “Looking” star Jonathan Groff, who plays one of the main characters, pointed out that the show’s themes will focus on other relevancies.

“All the characters are gay, but that’s not the big issue in their lives. It’s not coming out stories.”

The 8-episode drama/comedy will focus on the lives of a trio of gay men in their 30s dealing with love and relationships in San Francisco. Lannan is hoping the show explores the city of San Francisco, a city with a rich gay history, in a new light.

The show also stars Frankie J. Alvarez, Murray Bartlett and Raul Castillo.