Tammy CovilOne school board member in the state of North Carolina has come under extreme heat for anti-gay marriage comments made on her Facebook page.  According to a May 27 report by WECT, New Hanover County School Board member Tammy Covil stirred up controversy by referring to gay marriage as “a perverted lifestyle choice” in a post that appeared to come from an account believed to be hers.

The post came from an account with the name Tammy Jobin Covil and was posted in the New Hanover Co (NC) Republicans Facebook group.  The controversial comments appeared in an article posted by Covil about teaching gay education.  In the article, she refers to gay marriage as being more of a social issues tool rather than actual marriage rights.  In the post that has since been removed, she wrote:

“Yet another example of why the social issues matter in politics.  Gay marriage isn’t about marriage rights at all, it’s about forcing others to accept a perverted lifestyle choice as ‘normal.’  It’s important to know where the leaders of our party stand o these issues because they have a profound impact on our society. #TheSocialissuesmatter.”

Not only has the post struck a chord with supporters of gay rights in the states, the county’s Democratic Party has voiced their disapproval with the comments, highlighting the comments as a reason why the public needs to pay attention to “down ballot races” and further more pointed out that these sort of statements from an elected official advocating against the protection of equal protection for all is a violation of the constitution.

As it stands, there is currently a debate in the state’s General Assembly as to whether to allow magistrates the choice not to perform same-sex marriages because of their religious beliefs.  The comments didn’t just have an impact on the current political atmosphere.  On a social level, many calling for Covil’s resignation see it as damaging to students struggling with sexuality, dealing with bullying and fighting discrimination daily.  Covil has not responded to the post regarding her views on same-sex marriage.