New Jersey Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Same Sex  MarriageA New Jersey judge may be the first in the nation to sort out what the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on DOMA actually means in the context of ongoing legislation. Two years ago, six New Jersey couples sued, stating that New Jersey’s civil union law, one of the strongest in the nation, still did not afford them the same rights as married couples. According to the Long Island Newsday on Aug. 11, that case is headed to a New Jersey. courtroom this week.

In February of 2012, Governor Chris Christie vetoed a same-sex marriage bill that was passed by the senate. Christie said that he’s not against the idea of same-sex marriage and that he strongly supports civil unions. The governor simply wants the issue decided by New Jersey voters and not “121 people in the State House in Trenton.” Lawmakers have until next January to override that veto.  READ MORE at