The New NOrmalThe Hollywood Reporter reported on Friday that NBC has cancelled Ryan Murphy’s half -hour comedy “The New Normal”.

The show, co-written by Ali Adler, about a gay couple starting a family and the surrogate they invite to live with them was without controversy. The show took on early protests before it was even aired from conservative groups that felt like the show was changing the definition of family. All the show wanted to do was expose the diversity that the definition of family has taken on.

Despite protests, NBC, ordered a full season of “The New Normal”. The show delivered laughs, took on social issues and ended with the gay couple played by Justin Bartha and Andrew Rannells getting married after witnessing the birth of their first child. The season finale ended up being the show’s series finale so fans did get to see a perfect ending for the show and the characters.

“The New Normal” wasn’t the only show canceled by NBC, as shows on the Tuesday block suffered without “The Voice”. NBC also axed Broadway musical drama “Smash” .

Producers of “The New Normal”, saw the possibility of cancelation coming but if the show was to survive, the second season would’ve focused on the two dads raising a child.