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Music Spotlight: Hip Hop Artist Lanice London

On Saturday, March 30th, 2013

Lanice JohnsonLanice London is a hip hop artist from Philadelphia, Pa. Lanice is one of the most dominant female emcees in Philadelphia. After releasing her first mixtape titled “Words With Friends”, there was no denying the skill of her artistry. Jive records assistant A&R stated “Lanice has an amazing writing skill and is a great visionary”.

Right after her first mixtape, Lanice started working on her second project “Murphy’s Law”. This mixtape shows her ability as a lyricist, artist, and vision. “Murphy’s Law” will have three hit singles released right before the mixtape. They are titled “Chuck Taylor”, “Dreads” and “The Proposal” featuring Mel Alston. “Murphy’s Law” will be featured on many top blogs, Datpiff.com, and other mixtape sites. All videos for the project will be submitted to major networks and retail chains across the country. With the help of publicist Michael Bentley (Spin Doctor P.R firm) this project will be a success!

As a child Lanice London always had an ear for good music. From age of three she started playing the drums at a local church then all the way through school. As she started hearing mainstream artist such as the Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, Big Pun and others, she started to develop a passion for hip hop and lyrical excellence. Lanice started recording songs from time to time as a hobby. After watching other artist emerge and become local celebrities, she realized that her passion could be reality. She started working on her mixture and from there Lanice went all in and decided to do everything in her power to become a well respected mainstream artist.

“Murphy’s Law” shows so much of Lanice as an artist and where she is taking her career with this project. She has put so much heart, passion, pain and tears into this project that there is no way that it will not be a success. Lanice states on one of the tracks “If it’s me that you hate, then that’s something I’ll embrace. My will you can’t erase but you can try backspace, I’m here”. This young artist knows where she stands in this industry amongst a herd of wolves. After the release of this project, Lanice is planning to take her career to the next level.

With the completion of this project and three promotional videos in the making, “Murphy’s Law” will be a treat for everyone. For more on Lanice London, visit www.LaniceLondon.com





Murphy’s Law mixtape link


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