UruguayRodrigo Borda and Sergio Miranda became the first gay couple to register in Uruguay as Monday became the first day same-sex marriages are allowed in the South American country. BBC News reports on Aug. 5 that the two men, who have been together for 14 years, registered just hours after the new law came into effect.

Legislation was signed by President Jose Mujica back in May, but couples had to wait 90 days for it to come in effect. But for couples like Borda and Miranda, it was very much worth the wait as Uruguay became just the second nation in South America to pass a gay-marriage law. The other country is Argentina where same-sex marriage became legal in 2010.

The happy couple announced that they will celebrate their wedding in September and had a hard time hiding their joy but states that they want to set the precedent in the country for other gay couples who are thinking about marriage. So they are planning a “very public affair”.

Miranda told reporters earlier in the day:

“We are celebrating it and sharing it because the law establishes that we all have rights. There are no first and second class citizens.”

Brazil is looking to become the third Latin American country to legalize gay marriages after approval was given in May.