2013 BET Experience - 106 & Park Live Presented By CokeRapper Tyga can add homophobia to his resume. As reported by TMZ on August 8, the “Make It Nasty” rapper got testy with a TMZ photographer outside Superclub in Hollywood and started going on a homophobic rant.

According to TMZ, the photographer questioned Tyga about the two $10 million lawsuits the artist is racing. Tyga responded by showing off his car and shrugging off the lawsuit and then unleashed on the photographer with insults.

“What you got a camera for?” He said. “That’s gay ass s**t. You got a Camera on a n**ga…go in [the club] and get some b**ches.”

Then he continued to insult the photographer by calling his job a “gay ass job.”

The lawsuits that were being questioned were filed by two video models who were featured in Tyga’s “Make it Nasty” video. Both women claim their breasts were exposed in the video without their consent.

Homophobia in hip-hop is nothing new. After singer Frank Ocean came out as bisexual, he got into a feud with R&B singer Chris Brown who responded to Ocean’s sexuality by saying “no homo”. On the flip side of that, hip-hop artists like Jay-Z, Lil Wayne and Nikki Minaj have been very supportive of gay rights and gay marriage.