Longing NightsBreaking Glass Pictures and QC Cinema has announced the release of “Longing Nights”, a film exploring the nature of eroticism through individual stories of sexuality and reveals different portraits of relationships. In a September 30 press release, Breaking Glass Pictures announced the film will be released to DVD on November 5.

“Longing Nights” is the directorial debut of Tiago Leao who brings to life different characters and allows viewers to explore their relationships through their eyes. There is something for everyone in this movie as the different stories Leago brings to life touches on all avenues of sexuality.

Produced in Portugal and Spain, the film journeys each erotic path which involves drugs, sex and multiple partners as the characters of Pierrick, Aitana, Rita and Jorge search for companionship and meaning. Each relationship touches on issues many viewers will identify with. The film also explores the many depths of loneliness as each character deals with internal conflicts in their search for those “Longing Nights”.

“Longing Nights” will also be available over various cable platforms through the month of October.