Lady Gaga "Fame" Eau de Parfum Launch - Outside ShowPop star Lady Gaga has never shied away from speaking her mind, especially when it comes to gay rights. As reported by the Huffington Post on June 25, the soulful pop star came out of silence to deliver a message to the United States Supreme Court. In just 140 characters she urged for the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) to be overturned.

On June 24, Gaga returned to her Twitter account and tweeted:

“Let’s go DOMA. Supreme Court lets make history & stand for MARRIAGE EQULITY! #GetItDoneThisWeek #Thewhole WorldIsWatching”

The Supreme Court is expected to release rulings on both DOMA and California’s Proposition 8 on Wednesday, June 26. Both decisions will come no later than 10am ET and Gaga is right, the whole world will be watching and waiting with much interest to see how and in which ways these two important cases sway American History.

Lady Gaga does have a new album set for an upcoming release later this year but the timing of her tweets only supports her ongoing commitment to the LGBT community and her outspokenness for LGBT rights. Her hit song “Born This Way” inspired many youths who faced bullying during a time when it was at its height and her individuality has led her to the status of gay icon.

Gaga is a hero to some but as the decisions are ready to be delivered, the Grammy Award-winning singer is calling for another hero. In another tweet she asks “who will be our Abe Lincoln today? Who will make the choice of FREEDOM FOR ALL.”

The answer will hail on the steps on the Supreme Court as the sun raises on a Wednesday that will definitely be remembered.