Timothy-BlackFederal judge Timothy Black did not make a friend in Republican Rep. John Becker after Black announced his plans to issue a ruling on April 14 forcing the state of Ohio to recognize the marriages of gay couples who wed out of state. According to WLWT.com on April 7, the ruling has lead to another call for impeachment by Becker.

The ruling will be the second time Black has ruled in favor or same-sex marriage in the state and the second time he has infuriated the Clermont County lawmaker who first called for the judge’s impeachment back in September after Black made his first ruling in favor of gay marriage in a separate lawsuit.

Becker’s reasoning for calling for the impeachment is that he believes Black has allowed “personal political bias to supersede jurisprudence.”

As gay marriage cases have resulted in favorable rulings throughout the country, gaining momentum from the historic Supreme Court ruling back in June 2013, states with bans on gay marriage have had those bans struck down when challenged in court.

Therefore, the call to impeach Black because of his ruling will probably be a long shot, but Becker’s effort has began as he has filed House Concurrent Resolution 37 for Congress to remove Black.

If he is impeached, he will only be the ninth federal judged removed by Congress.