jonathan-groff-2014-billboard-650Actor/singer Jonathan Groff has found as much success on Broadway as he has on screen. In a recent interview with Billboard, the Hamilton star talked about the success of the popular musical, the upcoming “Looking” movie and the possibility of recording a solo album.

When asked about the success of the blockbuster Broadway musical and its rise on the Billboard 200, Groff called the experience of playing King George in the hit stage play as a “one-in-a-lifetime experience” that his is proud to be apart of.

“It’s so awesome to be a part of something that successful not because there’s a famous person in it or because it’s a revival or something,” Groff said. “But because it’s so fresh and original, and really great writing is selling out in this way.”

Groff, who will be rejoining the musical on Dec. 1, also gushed about the success of the cast recording of the album and how it has become so popular with mainstream audiences. His contribution to the album as a singer sparked the question about the possibility of him recording his own solo album. His answer was simply “maybe someday.”

In the interview, the Broadway star also took some time to discuss the upcoming “Looking” movie for HBO. The movie is a wrap-up of the series about a group of friends looking for love in San Francisco. Groff was the star of the series and naturally talked about how emotional filming the movie was.

“It’s been so emotional being back…it’s hilarious,” Groff told Billboard. “We’re all just crying at every turn. It’s been really entertaining.”

The two-hour “Looking” movie will air during the first half of 2016 on the premium cable network.