BG_John Greyson_19-08_03According to a report by the Hollywood Reporter on October 6, Sunday was a liberating day for Canadian filmmaker John Greyson and physician Dr. Tarek Loubani as both was released from their imprisonment in Cairo. The duo has been held in a Cairo prison since Aug. 16.

Both Greyson and Loubani were arrested for coming to the aide of wounded Islamic citizens who were involved in protests around a mosque in Rames Square. The unrest surrounded the ouster of Islamic President Mohammed Morsi in a coup. As the protesters clashed with police officers, Greyson recorded the incident where they saw over 50 Egyptians die.

Later when the two stopped at a checkpoint to ask for directions back to their hotel, they were arrested, questioned and received other cruel treatment by police as they were accused of being “foreign mercenaries”. The treatment as well as the conditions of the cell they were kept led the two on a hunger strike that started on Sept. 16. So Freedom came with much joy for Greyson, Loubani and their families.

Greyson’s sister tweeted: “Christmas comes early this year! Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to #freejohnandTarek.”

Lynne Yelich, Minister of state for foreign affairs, welcomed the release and said both John Greyson and Loubani’s freedom came as a result of interventions between foreign affairs minister John Baird and the Canadian embassy in Cairo.

John Greyson was passing through Cairo as he prepared for a film project. Although the two were release they were unable to leave Egypt as they were barred from flying out of the country as their names appeared on a “stop-list” issued by prosecutors.