Jennifer LopezJennifer Lopez has demonstrated an outspoken level of support for the LGBT community over the years. She has backed gay marriage while raising millions of dollars for HIV/AIDS research. She has also stood up against bullying and is looked up to as a role model for LGBT youth. All of her efforts are being recognized by the Human Rights Campaign. In an announcement made on the HRC blog on September 20, Jennifer Lopez will receive the 2013 Ally for Equality Award.

She will receive the award at the HRC National Dinner taking place on Saturday, October 5 in Washington, DC. HRC president Chad Griffin sums up everything Lopez is about and all that she represents within the LGBT community.

“Jennifer Lopez embodies the spirit of an ally to the LGBT community and we are thrilled to present her the Ally for Equality at our National Dinner in October. We recognize Jennifer for her talent, style, compassion, philanthropy and generosity,but foremost for her public commitment to LGBT equality.”

Not only has Lopez extended her efforts in support of the LGBT community off-screen, she is also making an impact on screen as she is currently the executive producer of the ABC Family hit series “The Fosters”. The show, despite initial protest from anti-gay group One Million Moms, is the #1 new cable TV series. The one-hour drama is about a lesbian couple who raises two biological kids as well as foster children they have taken in. The show presents a different kind of family that showcases all the ingredients necessary for a loving family. This sort of representation on television signifies the strides the LGBT community has made which is another reason Lopez is applauded by Griffin.

“Even facing pressure from anti-LGBT groups, Jennifer stand her ground as a strident equality supporter. Throughout her career, Jennifer Lopez has always stood for fairness, justice and equality, and that’s what being an ally is all about.”