Actress/singer Jennifer Hudson has always had love for the gay community. With the Supreme Court just days away from making a decision same-sex marriage, Hudson’s latest video, “I Still Love You,” sends a symbolic message in favor of same-sex marriage.

In the video, released as part of Logo’s #All50 campaign, a gay couple is shown on their wedding day and receives a pleasant surprise when one of the groom’s father decides to make a last-minute appearance at the ceremony.   The message of the video as well as the words symbolize the power of love and how that love can eventually morph into acceptance.Jennifer Hudson

In an interview with MTV, Hudson spoke about her contribution to #All50 campaign and her overall involvement with the platform and the issue of same-sex marriage overall:

“I just think the concept was just powerful to go with such a positive song. It’s about love and everyone should have love and have the right to love who they want to love. So I thought it would be powerful to take a concept like trying to find your equality in love no matter who you love.”

Right on Miss Hudson!