Poem by William Mann
Poem by William Mann


I dreamed I fell asleep on a rose,

the most beautiful I had ever seen.


Its petals were soft and bright,

each more perfect than the next.


The stem was strong and supportive,

the roots held strong in the rich soil.


The pollen was intoxicating and sweet,

and I swooned beneath its power.


The leaves wrapped themselves knowingly around my insecurity, and offered grand protection.


It’s powerful thorns kept away any intruders,

some that I never saw.


Then time moved on.


The petals turned brown and fell away.


The pollen grew bitter and overwhelming,

and the leaves lost their protective strength.


All that remained was the stem, naked,

except for the jagged thorns and stubborn roots.


The intruders, intimidated repeatedly before,

stayed away…and I awakened.


Alone, cold and shocked, on a dead weed…


Once surrounded by such intense and blinding beauty.