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‘Downton Abbey’ actor Rob James-Collier says its ‘easier’ to kiss a man

On Saturday, November 2nd, 2013

An Evening With "Downton Abbey" - After PartyActor Rob James-Collier plays a gay character on the popular TV drama “Downton Abbbey”. His character, Thomas Barrow, works as a servant in the fictional country house and does share some romantic scenes. As the Belfast Telegraph reports on November 1, James-Collier finds it “easier” because he doesn’t have to worry about his wife getting jealous.

James-Collier talked about his romantic scenes in an interview on “The Jonathan Ross Show” which he explains his ease with kissing another man on the show.

“I found it easier. The way I was thinking was that if you kiss a girl you worry about: 1: How big her boyfriend is; 2) Is he in the building watching and is he going to kick the s**t out of you?; and 3) What is my missus going to think of it?”

As love scenes are a part of acting, the “Downton Abbey” star admits in the interview that he still worries about his wife getting jealous and how she would react to any affection he shows to someone he is sharing a scene with. Humorously, although he found it easier to kiss a man out of fear of what she would think, she still had a reaction.

“So we went to the BFI for a big unveiling on the cinema screen, and the missus knew it (the kiss) was coming, and we were all sitting watching it and I thought ‘Nice one, she can’t accuse me of anything’, and the missus turned to me and said ‘You’ve never kissed me like that.”

Sounds like James-Collier got a little too comfortable with the scene. But he is not the only straight actor who have admitted to being comfortable doing gay scenes on TV or in Film. Actors Michael Douglas and Matt Damon complimented each other on the gay kiss they shared in “Behind the Candelabra” and “Harry Potter” star Daniel Radcliffe said he viewed his gay character and sensual love scenes in “Kill Your Darlings” as just a character who fell in love.

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