"Kill Your Darlings" Premiere - Arrivals - 2013 Toronto International Film FestivalHis fans mostly know actorDaniel Radcliffe from his role as Harry Potter, but the 23-year-old star has definitely grown up and is showing his acting versatility in the upcoming film “Kill Your Darlings”. In the movie, Radcliffe plays controversial beat poet Allen Ginsberg and has a gay sex scene in the film that has gained some attention. As E! Online reports on September 30, Radcliffe opened up and talked about the scene in an appearance on the “Today” show.

Although Radcliffe has stripped down in previous roles, the actor is not surprised by the reaction of his gay sex scene because he is a straight actor playing a gay role and he realizes some of his fans may not be use to seeing him in this kind of role at the same time he knows there may be fans drawn to the film to see his steamy love scene.

“I would be a very stupid person if I didn’t expect some reaction to that. In a way there’s been less reaction to it than I thought there would be which I’m quite pleased about, a lot of people are choosing to be focused on the film.”

Whatever draws them to the film, Radcliffe is glad to pull in the audience because he is confident they would enjoy the movie.

“I don’t really mind what reasons people go in to see the film. If they’re slightly salacious or whatever. Ultimately, they’re going to go in and see a really compelling drama.”

“Kill Your Darlings” has drawn high reviews since it premiered at the Venice Film Festival. The film, directed by John Krokidas, chronicles a murder in 1944 that draws together a circle of poets who became known as the Beat Generation. Although fans will see a different side of Radcliffe in the film, he makes it clear that he doesn’t want to separate himself from his Harry Potter roles because he knows it was an important part of his acting career and it showcases his versatility and ability to take on and capture a wide range of roles.

“I think any actor that really enjoys what they do and wants a long career realizes that versatility and you know stretching yourself, it’s more fun that way to be honest.”

“Kill Your Darlings” premieres in theatres October 16.