As gay pride parade events kick off around the world, the east Mediterranean island of Cyprus celebrated its second gay pride parade on Saturday (June 6). According to ABC News, several thousand people marched in the streets of Cyprus’ capital city of Nicosla without any interference from anti-gay detractors unlike what was experienced last year during the inaugural parade.

It was a symbol of progress as parade organizer and Accept-LGBT Cyprus President Costas Gavrielides noted following the parade. He also said that last year’s festival was the landmark in human rights advocacy for Cyprus, which ranks 39th out of 49 European countries when it comes to national legislation and human rights policy for members of the LGBT community.

Not only did protestors stay away from this year’s event, there were more politicians present at the event which further demonstrates the continuing constructive social dialogue in Cyprus as the island continues to build a more accepting and progressive atmosphere for LGBT people and supporters.