BridegroomAs part of a special night of programming focusing on gay issues, the Oprah Winfrey Network has announced in an October 3 press release the world television premiere of the groundbreaking documentary “Bridegroom” from filmmaker Linda Bloodworth Thomason.

This powerful documentary follows the love and emotional journey of Shane Bitney Crone and Tom Bridegroom, two men who watched their love grow into a committed relationship only to have it end with the tragic death of Tom. But what came after Tom’s death is what makes this film both timely and monumental to the lives of many gay couples living throughout America.

The issue of marriage equality comes to the forefront in the film because Shane was left without many of the legal protections of marriage. The film follows his right for both human rights and the acceptance and support of family members who shut him out. It made the grieving process even more difficult for Shane. On the anniversary of Tom’s death, Shane released a video that went viral. Titled “It Could Happen to You”, the video attracted over four million views. The reception of the video helped Shane as he recognized that there were so many others out there feeling for him and also sharing his situation.

Shane’s main message was to show what happens to a couple who are legally barred from having many of the rights and protections granted to others under marriage laws and why equality is important to same-sex couples throughout the country.

Described as “beautiful, potent and grand…One of the most affecting films of the year” by Kevin Taft of Edge Media, “Bridegroom” will premiere on OWN on October 27 and will be available on DVD on November 19, 2013.