beyonce-flaunt-magazine-600x450Beyonce has transcended herself into a mega star. The singer, actress, business woman, wife and mother is featured on the latest cover of Flaunt magazine reports E! Online on July 10. On the cover she is wearing nothing but glitter. Exposed, open, and ready to reveal, Beyonce discusses her image, her private life and her gay icon status.

Beyonce loves all her fans and loves being in the spotlight but she reveals that she does limit how much of her private life is public. Although she is exposing her well-known, sexy curves on the cover of Flaunt Magazine, the diva says she has to keep some things in her life out of the public eye.

“I have chosen to keep certain aspects of my life private. But I also love sharing what makes me happy, especially through photography.”

She definitely does this in the Africa-themed shoot that took place in 2011. It is clear in the images that Beyonce doesn’t mind being exposed, especially for her fans within the LGBT community.

Her strength and boldness both onstage and in her music has made the pop diva a “gay icon”, a title that has landed her in the company of other divas like Barbara Streisand, Lady Gaga, Madonna and Judy Garland:

“I’m flattered if I’m in the company of those great women. I think they love that we are bold, unafraid to love, and flaunt our sexuality and strength.”

Beyonce has also been outspoken about gay issues, particularly same-sex marriage. Back in March, she showed her support for gay marriage as two important cases went to the Supreme Court. Beyonce took to social media by adopting the Human Rights Campaign’s red equal sign and also wrote a message via Instagram that read, “if you like it you should be able to put a ring on it.”

The issue of Flaunt magazine featuring the gold and glamorous Beyonce hit stands on July 11.