Before GodThe Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest LGBT civil rights organization, will be releasing exploring religious families who tell stories of believing in their faith while dealing with repressive church teachings that chastise their sexual orientation and gender identities. According to a HRC press release on September 10, “Before God: We Are All Family” is set to premier October 1.

The film is important because it documents through personal stories, how LGBT people of deep faith find a way to hold strong to what they believe in while at the same time being turned away from the church. Sharon Groves, director of the HRC Religion and Faith Programs says, “this short documentary is a story of reconciliation and will be meaningful for anyone who has longed to find a way to bring together who they are, whom they love and what they believe.”

Coming out is tough enough for many in the LGBT community, but those in the Latino community,not only have cultural identity and family, but also religion in their journey’s of acceptance. It is a struggle because the church plays an important role in most Latino families an the conflict comes when the church presents a choice between those they care about who are gay and the religion they belong to. In all, the film exposes the importance of family and also shows the daily struggle of immigrant and native born Latino families who, through their struggles, find their strength and their faith within the bonds of acceptance.

“By boldly and lovingly exploring the delicate web of faith, family, and sexuality, the families in Before God do something extraordinary. They offer us a path from exile to liberation where difference becomes the source of strength and the spirit of an expansive love — so central to Latino culture — can flourish and call all of us to a new way to be familia,” added Graves.

The film is shot in both the United States and Puerto Rico.