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On Saturday, March 23rd, 2013
k-11 Breaking Glass Pictures and Libertine Films are proud to announce the upcoming March 15 theatrical and VOD release of Jules Stewart‘s directorial debut, K-11, a riveting drama that tells the story of a man’s plight after winding up in K-11, the Los Angeles County Jail’s transgender inmate unit.  Fifteen cities around the country are slated ...

Breaking Glass Pictures Announces April 2nd Release of ‘Bob’s New Suit’

On Saturday, March 23rd, 2013
Bob's New Suit Philadelphia, PA -Breaking Glass Pictures has announced the April 2nd DVD Release of Bob’s New Suit (SRP $24.99), the colorful, character-driven debut of writer/director Alan Howard. Starring Hunter S. Bodine (The Casserole Club), lesbian model/actress Jenny Shimizu (Bravo’s “Make Me a Supermodel”, “Dante’s Cove”), John Bennett Perry (Fools Rush In with son Matthew Perry, “Veronica Mars”), ...

Sony Pictures co-chairman urges Hollywood to do away with gay slurs

On Saturday, March 23rd, 2013
Amy Pascal Hollywood has an influence and an impact on public perception, especially when it comes to sexual orientation and the stereotypes that surround.  That is why television shows like “The New Normal” and “Glee” are important because they help shape those negative stereotypes and perception into an exposure of the real struggles and definitions of the ...

A Life Fabricated by Jim Koury

On Friday, March 22nd, 2013
Written by Jim Khoury   I was a sensitive, caring young child but deep down I was frustrated about something hidden inside myself. I could not put my fingers on it, but I knew I was different than my brothers and the other kids I was growing up with. I was angry with myself for being so and starting ...

New Release! “Represented” by K’Anne Meinel

On Friday, March 22nd, 2013
represented-cover-71 New Release!   “Represented” by K’Anne Meinel Coming out is hard.  Coming out in the public eye is even harder.  People think they own a piece of you, your work, and your life, they feel they have the right to judge you.  You lose not only friends but fans and ultimately, possibly, your career…or your ...

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