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Posted By: Jim Koury
Jim Koury

Jim Koury is a seeker of inspirational forces. His spiritual journey of self-discovery has revealed many secrets hidden within him related to the very essence of who he is. He embraces opportunities that enable him to learn about his higher self and the inspirational forces that prod him forward to new plateaus of enlightenment and self-revelation. He is also the Editor/Publisher of Diversity Rules Magazine, an alternative focus publication primarily dealing with the gay community’s concerns and issues, along with issues of diversity generally. He is an activist who is not afraid to ruffle some feathers. His main objective is to get people to think and think for themselves and does not force his views on others but just puts them out there for folks to think about and discard if they wish.


As children we were not concerned with the trials and tribulations of adulthood. We were in a state of innocence – a period of our lives not contaminated by someone else’s knowledge and their worldview. Everyone around us was equal. We did...

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