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‘Art for Art’s Sake’ by Jack Scott

On Tuesday, July 30th, 2013



As well as running a little workshop about blogging (a chat with one man and his dog, no doubt), I’m also exhibiting the Perking the Pansies book at Pride Without Prejudice at the St Margaret’s Church of Art. The gig starts tomorrow and continues for a fortnight. Can my irreverent take on the emigrey soap opera with my carry-on capers and titter-ye-not narrative be thought of as art? Entertainment perhaps, but art? I tend not to dwell on such questions. Some people think an unmade bed at the Tate is art. Who am I to judge? I’ll just chuck up my posters and hope for a few sales. The exhibition is presented by Art of Norwich in association with Norwich Pride and the Queer Arts Club. The showcase is open to all artists and entry is free. If you happen to be in the fair city of Norwich and have some time on your hands, come along and soak up the highbrow culture and my lowbrow wit.

About - In 2010, Jack started an irreverent narrative about his new life in Turkey and Perking the Pansies became one of the most popular English language blogs on that side of Aegean. As the blog developed a head of steam, a growing worldwide audience clamoured for a book. Jack duly obliged and his hilarious (well, he thinks so) memoir, Perking the Pansies, Jack and Liam move to Turkey hit the streets at Christmas 2011. The book became a critically acclaimed, award winning best seller and its success has opened out a whole new career for Jack as an author. Jack and Liam decided to end their Anatolian affair and paddle back to Britain on the evening tide. They washed up in Norwich, a little gem in eastern England. Jack's now on a Turkey roll. He's released the best of the blog as a two part e-book, Turkey, the Raw Guide and Turkey, Surviving the Expats. The uncensored director's cut includes previously unpublished material together with solid advice about the extra-ordinary land that Jack called home for four years. Jack likes to be functional as well as decorative.

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