Providing an inclusive and rewarding working environment is not only good for business, but helps drives a business according to Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook. As the L.A Times reports on November 4, Cook has weighed in and urged the Senate and House of Representatives to vote on and approve the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

Apple Unveils New Versions Of Popular iPadThe proposed bill, which would prohibit discrimination based on an employee’s sexual orientation and gender identity, has been a hot topic over the past few months. So to have a CEO of one of the major companies in the United States voice his support for the bill can only be positive.

Cook offered his opinion in a piece published online on the Wall Street Journal site. He spoke about the employment anti-discrimination policy of his own company and how it has been impactful in the success of the company and its employees.

“As we see it, embracing people’s individuality is a matter of basic human dignity and civil rights. It also turns out to be great for the creativity that drives our business. We’ve found that when people feel valued for who they are, they have the comfort and confidence to do the best work of their lives.”

Individuality is one of the main focal points in arguments supporting the passing of the bill. Employees to feel they are in environments where they can be themselves and be valued for who they are. They need to feel they are in environments where they are judged primarily by their performances and by what they add to the company.

Cook summed it up perfectly in his piece when he says:

“If our coworkers cannot be themselves in the workplace, they certainly cannot be their best selves.”

Tim Cook is not alone. President Barack Obama has also urged Congress to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.