Together To End AIDS:  An Evening To Benefit amfAR And GBCHealth - ArrivalsCNN’s Anderson Cooper has an alleged stalker. As reported on TMZ on July 29, 40-year-old Alex Hausner, who has been accused of stalking Cooper for 5 years, has been arraigned on Monday and is facing charges after he allegedly terrorized and threatened Cooper.

Hausner, who is a self-proclaimed gay, Jewish white supremacist, is a psychiatric patient and convicted felon who was captured by security cameras a month ago trying to kick down the front door of Cooper’s four-story West Village residence which he currently shares with boyfriend Benjamin Maisani.

The New York Post reported that Hauser was heard shouting words and screaming during his attempt to break down the door. He was screaming the words:

“I swear to f–king God, don’t insult me. I’m going to f–k you up!”

The accused stalker claims that Cooper’s boyfriend antagonized him by sending people after him and that his latest attack actually has nothing to do with Cooper.

“It has nothing to do with Anderson. I can’t make that report, I told you. I can prove from my sources that his boyfriend has sent people after me.”

Cooper was not available for comment.

Hausner is currently being held on $75k bail.